Bryce Edwards

Bryce Edwards- At 23, The 20s and 30s Are His Bailiwick

By: Alix Cohen

January 9, 2024: Attending The Bryce Edwards Frivolity Hour feels like going back in time. The artist inhabits 1920s/1930s music like a bespoke suit. He plays at least six instruments and sings in the nasal, megaphone-like, wah-wah and eef fashion popular then. (Eefing is a cross between scat singing and mouth trumpet, often sung in raspy falsetto.) According to Bryce, the term was coined by Cliff “Ukulele” Edwards (no relation) who was, by the way, the voice of Jiminy Cricket. “By the mid 1920s, the unique style spawned all kinds of imitators.”

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The People vs. Lenny Bruce 

Lenny Bruce

By: Alix Cohen

January 6, 2024: Terrific. Timely.
Attorney Martin Garbus has argued cases involving the First Amendment, Constitutional, criminal, copyright and intellectual property law. Among his impressive list of past clients are Daniel Ellsberg, Don Imus, Nelson Mandela, Andrei Sakhavov, Vaclav Havel, Ceasar Chavez, Allen Ginsberg, and Lenny Bruce.

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Paulanne Simmons Unscripted

The Journey of a Seder Plate or The Road to Broadway

June 4, 2024: Many years ago my mother-in-law, Adele, gave me a seder plate she had purchased in Israel. My mother-in-law placed great value on her Jewish heritage and family traditions. After she died, the plate was a cherished reminder of her role in the family. 

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Circus Vazquez

Circus Vazquez Can’t Get Enough of NY and NY Can’t Get Enough of Circus Vazquez, Now in Queens through January 7.   

By: Ellis Nassour  

December 14, 2023: On what has become an annual holiday tradition for over 
two decades, the family-owned Circus Vazquez has returned to New York. The 
high-energy family entertainment from the family takes place under the new blue and white big top pitched across from Citi Field. Evening and weekend matinee performances are through January 7.   

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National Sawdust

Tiffany Mills Company + Ensemble Ipse.

An Evening of Dance-Theater Pieces from Tiffany Mills Company and Ensemble Ipse

By: Paulanne Simmons

November 30, 2023: The performing arts are all about collaboration. This is certainly evident in the three pieces that will be presented at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust this December.

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All The Devils Are Here ****

Patrick Page

By: Mark Rifkin

November 18, 2023: In May 2021, Tony nominee Patrick Page presented a streaming version of his one-man show All the Devils Are Here: How Shakespeare Invented the Villain, recorded in Shakespeare Theatre Company’s empty Sidney Harman Hall in DC. At the time, I wrote, “Page knows what of he speaks; in addition to having portrayed his fair share of Shakespeare baddies, he has played Scar in The Lion King, Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, the Green Goblin in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Hades in Hadestown, and the Grinch in Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, villains all in one form or another. His command of Shakespeare and the concept of evil is bold and impressive, but he is down-to-earth enough to throw in plenty of surprising modern-day pop-culture references to keep it fresh and relevant to those who might not know much about the Bard or Elizabethan theater.” His bravura performance provided a vital dose of theater to the drama-starved during the lockdowns, and I named it Best Solo Shakespeare Play in twi-ny’s third Pandemic Awards.

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Southampton Arts Center

SAC will screen the film: POLLOCK on Saturday, November 25 @ 2pm with an introduction by Helen Harrison.

November 21, 2023: Southampton Arts Center, 25 Jobs Lane will screen the acclaimed 2000 film POLLOCK with Ed Harris delivering a remarkable portrayal of the artist. The film is a cinematic experience, which offers a captivating exploration of Pollock’s inner turmoil, artistic process, and the impact he had on the art world. There will be a special introduction by Helen Harrison, director at the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, who will provide unique insights into the life and art of Jackson Pollock.
For Tickets and More Information Click Here.

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Tomatoes Got Talent

LessLee Warren


October 17, 2022: Leslee Warren came out on top of the 8th annual “Tomatoes Got Talent” contest at The Triad Theatre, 158 West 72nd Street, on Tue October 11.  The runner-ups were Mary Calamia, Marge Helenchild, Jean Marcley and Aleta St. James.  Co-produced and hosted by Randie Levine-Miller (who also performed), and Cheryl Benton, the publisher of the lifestyle media company, which sponsors the contest, the 8th annual “Tomatoes Got Talent” featured performances in a variety of styles by each of the 12 finalists.

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ACA Galleries

Romare Bearden Jazz II Deluxe, 1980 Serigraph 31 × 41 1/2 in

ACA Galleries at Frieze Masters London 2022 October 12 – October 16, 2022

October 13, 2022:  ACA Galleries is pleased to announce a group exhibition of African American Masters at Frieze London on view October 12n 2022 through October 16, 2022 at FRIEZE Masters, booth B9, in The Regent’s Park, London.

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The Music Man ***

Hugh Jackman, Sutton Foster and the cast of “The Music Man”.

By: Bernard Carragher

March 2, 2022: “The Music Man” is a simple, innocent, endearing musical from 1957 which requires a cast of wonders.  The stars this time are formidable Broadway-ites: Hugh Jackman as Professor Harold Hill and Sutton Foster as Marian the local librarian who he woos. 

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